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Glass Scratch Removal Dubai in 4 Easy Steps

If you are looking for ways to remove glass scratches, you have come to the right place. Below, we will give you tips to glass scratch removal dubai, in 4 easy steps.

1. Cleaning
Whether it is your windshield or your car windows, cleaning your glasses is very important. It helps clear glass of dirt and dust. This gives you a clear vision of the road while you are driving.
It is crucial to clean your glasses well. This will enable you to see the scratched surface well.
First, carefully clean the scratched area with water to get rid of all dirt. Be gentle and careful not to enlarge the scratch. After cleaning, make sure you dry the glass before moving to the next step.
2. Observe the depth of the scratch
To ensure that you can handle the scratch, test how deep the scratch is. Do this by rubbing your fingernail over the scratch. Move on to the next step if your nail doesn’t get caught. That is to mean that the scratch isn’t that bad and you can remove it.
If your nail gets caught, it is an indication that the scratch is deep and need inspection from a qualified auto glass technician.
3. Add the rubbing compound
The rubbing compound comes in an auto repair kit. You can buy this kit online or from auto supply stores.
The rubbing compound has a cerium oxide, a chemical compound sealant. Apply it over the scratch and make sure you completely cover it.
Remember not to put too much pressure while applying as this could cause further damage.
4. Rinse and dry
After this process, rinse with water and dry. Then apply glass cleaner and rinse again.
This should complete the process and clear the glass off the scratch.

June 27, 2020