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2011.03.04 16:23

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Call for papers

IBC as well as you noticed that many of the current publication systems have various limitations and hurdles in reporting scientific and intellectual efforts, while the ways of scientific discovery and communication are rapidly evolving. IBC is born to take a step forward to change the current ways of scientific reporting.

IBC is an interdisciplinary medium for open, rapid, and interactive communication and for archiving scientific and technological achievements in the area of interdisciplinary bioscience and bioengineering. IBC covers areas of experimental, theoretical, fundamental and applied science and engineering dedicated to the understanding, analyzing, and applying biological phenomena and medical issues from interdisciplinary perspectives.
Biological and medical papers are also covered by IBC, preferably but not necessarily if they may lead to promotion of any aspects of interdisciplinary thinking and research.

IBC adopts the following policies to ensure fair, fast, and constructive communication of intellectual efforts with minimal restrictions and subjectivity yet with a solid scientific integrity.

1) IBC pursues open access policy under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

2) IBC adopts a full open peer review system with a three step peer review systems.
In IBC, the manuscript is first submitted with author-initiated peer reviews from two experts in the field whom the authors choose.
Within 7-days after manuscript submission, the acceptance of the manuscript is decided by an editor.
The published report is then subjected to post-publication peer review by open community for three months. This is achieved through open, on-line communication of readers’ comments and authors’ responses.
(Invited articles are not subject to open review but only to editor’s discretion)

The names and reviews of the author-chosen reviewers and the editors are open on the web site.

The acceptance of the manuscript is mostly based on the scientific integrity, newness, validity, and readability. Importance or significance is not a major consideration in the initial reviewing and editing process but will be assessed through the open community rating system of IBC. Eventually, a scientific paper is supposed to be evaluated by its impact on scientific progress. Some of the quantifiable indices would include, for example, citation, access number, and download numbers, which will be displayed for each article in IBC.

3) IBC aims to be a fast, interactive, and live medium with 7-day publication. The acceptance and the on-line posting of a manuscript are completed within 7 working days after completion of manuscript submission. Interactive discussion is intended for an open discussion between authors and readers through readers’ comments and authors’ responses through the website.
Post-publication supplementation of the manuscript is possible, so that further supplementary data and discussion can be added to the original article to enhance or to modify the discovery. This way, the manuscript is not static, but can reflect further progresses and the results of the interactive discussion.

The published materials are subject to the open community rating with the four step rating of exceptional, highly recommended, recommended, and fair. The rating is done by the open community that consists of the registered members of IBC.

4) IBC publishes various types of scientific efforts with more flexibility and freedom of presentation.

The categories of manuscript includes
Regular research articles,
Reports on negative results
Experimental methods,
Reviews, Prospects,
News and Views,
Essays, and
Addenda, etc.

Reports on negative results will be considered for publication if it contains information or knowledge that can significantly promote intellectual efforts of other scientists.

IBC accepts manuscript prepared in various formats, in addition to the standard format, which allows more intellectual freedom to authors. Authors’ prospects may be written at the end of the research manuscript to provide readers with future directions on the study, and/or opinions. Possible suggestions for interdisciplinary collaboration may be described here, too.

5) Reliability of the reports in IBC is guaranteed by the three step peer review system and by the open community rating system.

6) e-Depot is intended to archive various types of research and scholarly activity materials for long-term preservation of, providing proper credit to, and free public access to formally unpublished research findings. These include provisional manuscripts, preliminary results, experimental notes, short ideas, posters, proceedings, presentations (texts, videos, or audio files), images, protocols, research tips, lecture, conference report, and education materials.

e-Depot is a citable archive with DOI designations but is not subjected to peer-review. The editor makes the final decision within 7-days upon receiving the materials. The authors take full responsibility for the ownership and copyright for any of the materials they deposit in the e-archive.

The materials in the e-Depot can be converted to a formal report if they prove to have a quality and significance that may be seen from by citation record, interactive discussion, and visit numbers. Reporting in e-Depot does not affect later publication as a formal report in IBC.

So I would cordially invite you to share the vision of IBC and to report your precious intellectual efforts in IBC.

More information on IBC can be found at http://www.ibc7.org

Instructions for submission can be found at http://www.ibc7.org/pds_board/class_view.php?code=board_006&pid=5&page=1

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions at nam@postech.ac.kr or ibc@ibc7.org.

Hong Gil Nam, Ph.D

The founding editor
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