Freedcamp for Education Program

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    Our Freedcamp for Education Program offers our Paid Plans with the following discounts:

    Pro Sponsored plan

    If less than 30 monthly active users - free

    If more than 30 monthly active users

    Paid Monthly

    This option is not available

    Paid Yearly

    $0.49 per active user per month paid yearly

    Business Sponsored Plan

    Paid Monthly

    $4.99 per active user

    Paid Yearly

    $3.49 per active user per month paid yearly

    Note: Free training session is excluded - can be arranged at extra cost.

    Enterprise Sponsored Plan

    10 or more users paid yearly only

    Paid Yearly only

    $7.49 per active user per month paid yearly

    To review each plan, please visit here:


    Freedcamp for Education Program is available to:

    • Nonprofit educational institutions

    • Formally accredited primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions*

    • Student groups from any of the above

    • Organizations directly affiliated with an eligible educational institution

    Our Freedcamp for Nonprofits program is also available for nonprofit organizations.

    *Please note that under our Terms of Service, children under 13 are not permitted to use Freedcamp.

    Application Process

    Applications can be requested by project managers. If your organization is not currently using Freedcamp, please visit our Site to create an account. We provide 14 days free trials for all Paid Plans except Enterprise. We’ll grant an Educational status to the team once you use to apply.

    When you’re ready, fill out the Freedcamp for Education Program Application.

    We will also need some additional basic information such as documents that demonstrate your institution’s nonprofit or accredited status, and a letter from a tax service or your school’s central administrator.

    Review Process

    Our team will review your application and respond as quickly as we can.

    While we do not have an appeal process, we encourage disqualify Users to continue applying after gathering all correct documentation. In the meantime, we welcome all Users to check out our Free Plan.


    Eligible Freedcamp Education Program Users that were previously on the Free plan will be able to upgrade as soon as their application is approved. No refunds will be issued for Users that are already on paid plans.